NLP: ChatBot


  • C++

  • Neural Networks

  • NLP

Playing with Steam

January - February 2020

  • Python

  • Unsupervised Classification


January - February 2020

Coming soon! Going from idea to app in 48 hours! Inspired by research papers and recent devices to market, the app serves as a sleep aid - making you as snug as bug.

  • Swift

  • iOS App

Gonville & Caius May Ball: Website & App

April - July 2019

My first app on the iOS AppStore - the companion app to the Gonville and Caius May Ball. Over 4,000 impressions and 600 downloads in the first week.

  • Swift

  • iOS App

  • ARKit

This website!

June 2019

Coming soon! What I learnt making this website and why I'm scared and scarred by all things IE and 'Javascript is disabled'.

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

Turning DNA into Art

December 2018

Coming soon!

  • C++

3D Printing: FormLabs and Creality

August 2018

Coming soon! Custom designed and tested 3D models and more.

  • 3D Printing

  • CAD

  • Gadgets

Tradfri meet Nest meet HomePod

September 2017

Coming soon! How I run my home, what works, what doesn't...

  • Homebridge

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Gadgets